No matter your age or skill level, Better By Bike will match you to one of our bikes below so that you can have the best day ever!

Moustache E-bikes Adults

If you’re planning to tackle the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, we’ve got you covered with the best E-bikes available for hire.

The proof is in the ride, just take one of these for a quick spin and you will be rewarded with perfect handling, superior comfort, and intuitive gearing.

This is an E-bike for everyone. The confidence-inspiring geometry of the step-through frame allows for the greatest accessibility, without sacrificing comfort. This means a long day in the saddle will leave you wanting more – not sore.

The Bosch performance motor sits between your feet, so you’ll feel balanced and in full control. The electric support feels so natural you’ll feel as if you’re gliding down the trails.

You'll feel stable and comfortable all day long!

Available Adult Sizes




Moustache E-bike for Kids

With our amazing E-bike for kids, the whole family can get out for a day of riding without worrying about little legs feeling tired. An ultra-low center of gravity makes for a balanced, stable ride and the specially adapted 26″ wheels roll over obstacles with ease, absorbing bumps.

And because we know kids like to push it, you’ll be happy knowing these bikes have a powerful hydraulic brake system. More than enough stopping power to match your child’s enthusiasm!

Small - suits kids 10 years+
Extra Small – suits kids 6 years+

Available Kids Sizes



E-Trike for the rail trail – Adults

If you’re looking for a little something different to hire to tackle the Northern Rivers Rail Trail, look no further.

Riding an E-trike provides a low-impact form of exercise without putting too much strain on your joints. An E-trike is incredibly comfortable, the upright seating position and wide handlebars allow for a relaxed and enjoyable ride. You won’t be hunching over or feeling cramped, like you might on a regular bicycle.

Always be perfectly balanced and enjoy the scenery!

Enjoy the scenery without having to concentrate on balancing!

Available Adult Sizes




Baby Seat for E-bike

Enjoy a ride with your little one with our modern front-mounted baby seat for your E-bike. As you cruise along the trails, you can chat with them and point out things easily. The redesigned seat brings your child right in front of you, centering their weight with yours. This takes them off the handlebars and nestles them safely in between your arms, making steering more fluid than ever before.

Suitable for 1 and 2 year olds.


Tag Along Chariot for E-bike

Our Chariot for your E-bike allows you to transport two small, or one larger child comfortably and securely behind your E-bike. 1 child max 36kg or 2 children each up to 18kg

Great for 2–4-year-olds.


Ride Behind Bike for E-bike

Have your little one’s ride along with you, even if they haven’t left behind their training wheels yet.

This ride-behind bike frame sports a bike seat with handlebars, and functioning pedals.

With an adult at the front towing, your child will really feel like they are riding a bike with you.

A perfect choice for younger kids as unlike a regular bike, they do not need to be able to reach the ground.

Suitable for kids aged 4 to 8 years old